Halo classes include the following class and required weapons

Sniper Sniper Rifle and Plasma Rifle

Demolitions (Halo Reach) Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher (halo 4) Sticky Detonator and Rocket Launcher

Fast Attack Magnum Any Rapid Fire Weapon

Soldier Rocket Launcher Shotgun

Knight Blade and Magnum

The Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Classes

Sniper Any Sniper Rifle any pistol or SMG Shock CHarge and Bouncing Betty

[Heavy Gunner] or demolitions Any LMG any Rocket Launcher any grenades (prefer C4) and Black Hat. Perks Flak Jacket Scavenger Tactical Mask

Fast attack SMG with QuickDraw Fast Mag and Stock Dual Wield or Fast mag Pistols (prefer Tac 45 and Five Seven) Perks include Lightweight scavenger

Dexterity and any other perk is fine

Specialist AN 94 Any Attachments and Crossbow

Stealth Any silenced shotgun and pistol. Perks Ghost Cold Blooded Hard Wired Scavenger Blind Eye Dead Silence and Engineer (prefer Blind Eye Ghost Scavenger Cold Blooded Dead Silence and Engineer)


Fire Fighter Iron sword Fire Aspect Iron armor (full set with fire protection) Water Bucket Potion of Fire Resistance.

Golden Knight Gold armor Protection Golden sword X10